Busy bee

I’ve been busy lately! It’s kinda nice and keeps my mind occupied and prevents mindless wandering through the internet. Not that wandering is so bad, it just gets really old after a while. But I’ve gotten stuff done in this time, and am ready to start some new projects!

First of all, I received everything needed to start my Central Park Hoodie (yeah I know, a little late on the trend), except for the most important thing – needles! I have the pattern and yarn scored for $3 a ball on Webs, but totally forgot to check the size of needles when I was making my orders. So hopefully this week the interchangeables I ordered from Knitpicks (not the new wooden ones, I’m a metal needle gal all the way) will be arriving and I can finally start the project and have it done in time for the cooler weather. Hah, cooler weather in Florida, who am I kidding? Anyways, here’s the color yarn I chose for this project: It’s Ella Rae

ella rae

In the background you can see a project I started this week also – painting my walls! So far I’ve gotten about 2 walls done, and already my annoying textured walls have sucked up about a gallon of paint. Gah. Remind me when I buy my own house, go for the flat or only slightly textured walls so I don’t have to deal with this again. The color I chose is called guacamole, and it’s a very pleasant green that I can complement easily. My interior decorating skills are next to none, so I’ve been scouring the internet in search of inspiration for what I want to do with my room, and I think I have a general idea. Now to find everything that I have pictured in my mind!

Also, I went to my LYS this weekend to pick up the yarn for my Ravelry Scarf exchange pal, and I think she’ll be pleased – teaser picture ahead! I bought this lovely Malabrigo, and from what I’ve heard and felt, this will be a real soft knit to work with! I’m looking forward to it. I’ll leave you with a picture of it, but you’ll have to wait until I’m finished to see what I’m doing with this yarn! 😉

scarf yarn



Waviness and bullets!

Look what I started yesterday!


It’s Wavy from Knitty, done in some Caron Simply Soft that I’m trying to get rid of in my stash. So far so good, the yarn is a pretty color and the pattern is simple enough. I like how it’s turning out!

Also, lots of mail came for me this weekend! 😀 Shame on me, spending my financial aid monies like this…


This is the yarn I’ll be using for Secret of the Shawl, along with the beads that also came in the mail from Artbeads.com. The yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr lace weight, and this will be my first project using charts and knitting with lace weight. Hope I don’t get too confused with the charts… Anyways, I also received a ball winder, and I felt like showing off my first cake of yarn. Don’t laugh, I’m pleased with my new toy! It’s that wool eBay yarn that I’m using for my dreamswatch.


Also interesting! Today the boy and I set out to start the task of cleaning up the backyard, since it was pretty overgrown with weeds and leafy since we moved in. We got all the leaves raked up and hope to finish the raking and planting some grass seeds since it’s mostly just dirt and weeds now. While we were cleaning, two interesting things were found: First this really neat flower was discovered by Trevor –

red flower

I have no idea what kind of flower it is, any guesses? Also, a strange find for a backyard:


Do those look suspiciously like bullets to you? That’s what I thought and picked one up, and turns out, I found 8 bullets in a little corner of the backyard! It’s really weird because they’re not spend or anything, just laying there. Kinda makes me wonder who were the previous tenants of the house, but at the same time, I don’t want to know!

Summer Camp Swap Loot!

Here is where I will share some acquired loot of mine.

My swap package from the Ravelry Summer Camp Exchange came in the mail today! I was a little worried because my bunkmate emailed me saying that the package was not delivered yesterday and a note was left, but I never got a note. Luckily, it was redelivered today and has fallen into my eager little hands! Let me share:

summer camp swap

Included in the package was a lovely skein of Mountain Colors Blackbear yarn, nice little DPNs in 2mm, very tasty watermelon candy, a lantern moon bag, and cute handmade sheep stitchmarkers! Here’s the yarn:


Isnt’ it in pretty colors? Look at the stitchmarkers!


More stitchmarkers to add to my little collection! I’m very happy with the way things turned out, as I received my package a day before the deadline. Funny thing is, this is the same person I sent my summer camp package out to as well! Looks like we were paired up. Thanks so much, guenevere29! Misty also appreciated the package:

misty box

Aside from that, today I made a delicious s’more. Yum!


Now I’m just waiting on my yarn to come for the Central Park Hoodie. Anyone have the pattern they can so kindly donate to me? 🙂

Edit: Here’s what I sent to my Summer Camp Swap pal – She posted the picture on the Flickr group, as I forgot to snap one before it was all wrapped!

sent loot



Look how far I’ve gotten on my Razor Cami!



All that’s left are the straps, and those shouldn’t take too long at all.

Also, check out my catch from a post on Destash:

berocco touche

8 whole skeins of Berocco Touche for only about $30, including shipping! I think this will be used for at least 2 Baby Surprise Jackets I plan on making for two mothers expecting in January, about two weeks apart. They both already have kids in the daycare that I work at, and I’ve talked to them enough that I know both would appreciate the gesture of the jackets. Right about when Florida gets chilly, too!

Right now I’m waiting on a couple packages, including a ballwinder and enough Ella Rae worsted yarn (also about 8 skeins for $33 including shipping, yay Webs!) to make my Central Park Hoodie. If anyone has the pattern that they want to donate to me or sell, I’d be very glad to have it!

I’ll leave you with one more shot of my Berocco Touche. Enjoy!


Pay IT forward

I joined this little game from In the Skein of Things — Here’s how to play or pay…….This is the “Pay It Forward” exchange, based on the concept of the movie where acts of kindness are done without expecting anything in return…just passing it on, with the hope that the recipients of your kind acts will pass it along to someone else. Here’s how it works: I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what the gift will be yet, and it won’t be sent this month and maybe not next month either, but it will be sent within 6 months and that’s a promise!
What you have to do in return then is “pay it forward” by making the same promise on your blog. Isn’t this a great way to brighten someone’s day! Let’s play AND pay!!


So as you can see from the button in my sidebar (that I finally got to work!), I’m going to be participating in the Secret of the Stole KAL. This is new to me, both because of the mystery project and the fact that I’ve never made a lace project yet! I just ordered the yarn and beads for it, and I’m excited. I splurged for once, and bought some Steel colored Zephyr Wool-Silk from SarahsYarns.com for an awesome price, and bought some pretty size 6 seed beads from Artbeads.com. This will also be my first beading project and I’m not sure where I can find a crochet hook small enough for the beading. This will be my first attempt at beading in knitting, also!

I figure since I don’t wear stoles very often this will probably be a Christmas knit for someone lucky in the family. I’m a process knitter too – most of my finished objects are sitting in another knitted bag I made. I need to gift some of these things out!

Anyways, I’ll be posting some yarn pr0n as soon as my packages get here, and here’s a cute picture of some of the ducklings Trevor and I saw when we went to the lake yesterday to feed the ducks. There were so many chicks all over the lake!


P.S. : I just bought a ballwinder too. 🙂

New project!

I was getting tired of the only two projects that I have on the needles right now, so I wanted something that was a bit more “instant gratification”. I’ve been eyeing the Dreamswatch Headband for a while now, and have some pretty hand-dyed yarn from eBay in my stash, so I got started this morning while watching the boys play video games! This was after about an hour or so of knitting and figuring out the stitch pattern:


It’s rolled up some on the end, but so far there are about 7 pattern repeats. I really like the simple cross-overs!



The yarn though – definitely teaches me to research yarns better on eBay before buying them, because while this yarn is pretty, the colors are a little more washed out than in the original picture (the second picture is more like the actual colors) and the wool itself is very scratchy, and you can see that it’s already fuzzing up like mad. Oh well, I’ve learned my eBay lesson. 🙂

Also, last weekend I made cupcakes! It was our school’s first football game of the season, and since we are now the house with the huge TV, it’s become the place for watching TV and playing videogames. And although we played pretty poorly at first and lost the game (18-24), the cupcakes were winner!




They were very tasty cupcakes, too.

To complete this post, let me show you what I won from Cat bingo in the Cat Knits group on Ravelry!

bingo prize

A cool handmade kitty pin from Endless Whimsy on Etsy, healthy cat treats, a set of two jingly balls (one of which has already been claimed by Misty), and some adorable stitchmarkers! These are the first stitchmarkers I’ve owned that haven’t been hair rubber bands, so I’m delighted with them. Thanks mitchypoo for hosting the game!

Closeup of the markers:

kitty markers


Since Trevor and I aren’t going to the home game today, much relaxing and knitting will be done! Yay!