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Merry Christmas!

I’ve been on hiatus for a little while, so to hold you over until I get my blogging back on track, Sandy says Merry Christmas!


Family Addition

Before I show you the knitting I’ve done so far, let me share with you pictures of the newest addition to the house!


Her name is Sandy, and we adopted her from the ECAH Humane society on Saturday. Misty went along with us to Petsmart, and she behaved very well for a kitten on a harness in a busy store with dogs! She got many compliments from everyone and lots of petting, so I think she’s happy. This was her general reaction to her new sister:


Very watchful, she kept her eye on the newcomer all day. They had a little conflict at the beginning, but now they dart around the house playing and chasing each other with no more growling from Misty, so I’m happy. This also means Misty doesn’t attack toes or meow in loneliness in the middle of the night! Everyone wins.

In knitting news, all I’ve got left on the Dreamswatch headwrap is weaving in some ends, attempt at blocking, and then I’ll be done! The Wavy scarf has also progressed nicely and is now about 2/3 of the way done. My interest in it is starting to wane, but I keep it around for travel knitting and although it has slowed down a little, I’ll have it finished sometime in the next couple of weeks.

My newest project (I know, starting so many and none finished yet!) is Knitscene’s Central Park Hoodie! I’ve been wanting to knit this for a while now, have the yarn, pattern, and now the needles from Knitpicks, so I cast on yesterday. So far I’ve got the ribbing done for the back and am taking it to my Knitnight tonight at Borders so I can make sure I’ll be doing the charts correctly, since I’ve never knit with charts. It’s also my first constructed sweater that I’ll have to seam together, and I’m not looking forward too much to that. I mean really, is there anyone out there who just loves seaming? Nobody I’ve talked to really does.

cph beginning

I also went to Joanns today to pick up a tiny crochet hook for the beading I’ll have to do for the Secret of the Stole, which starts Friday! While I was there the bead aisles caught my eye and I came home with three strings of pretty beads to try my hand at making stitchmarkers with. I found a good tutorial here and am looking forward to trying it out tonight or tomorrow afternoon.


Today is filled with classes and going to Borders for knit night! Last time I went was two meetings ago, and I had a good time. Hopefully my friend Carol is able to join me tonight, I’ll be working on either my hoodie or the scarf for my Exchange pal on Ravelry. This should be fun!

Summer Camp Swap Loot!

Here is where I will share some acquired loot of mine.

My swap package from the Ravelry Summer Camp Exchange came in the mail today! I was a little worried because my bunkmate emailed me saying that the package was not delivered yesterday and a note was left, but I never got a note. Luckily, it was redelivered today and has fallen into my eager little hands! Let me share:

summer camp swap

Included in the package was a lovely skein of Mountain Colors Blackbear yarn, nice little DPNs in 2mm, very tasty watermelon candy, a lantern moon bag, and cute handmade sheep stitchmarkers! Here’s the yarn:


Isnt’ it in pretty colors? Look at the stitchmarkers!


More stitchmarkers to add to my little collection! I’m very happy with the way things turned out, as I received my package a day before the deadline. Funny thing is, this is the same person I sent my summer camp package out to as well! Looks like we were paired up. Thanks so much, guenevere29! Misty also appreciated the package:

misty box

Aside from that, today I made a delicious s’more. Yum!


Now I’m just waiting on my yarn to come for the Central Park Hoodie. Anyone have the pattern they can so kindly donate to me? 🙂

Edit: Here’s what I sent to my Summer Camp Swap pal – She posted the picture on the Flickr group, as I forgot to snap one before it was all wrapped!

sent loot


New project!

I was getting tired of the only two projects that I have on the needles right now, so I wanted something that was a bit more “instant gratification”. I’ve been eyeing the Dreamswatch Headband for a while now, and have some pretty hand-dyed yarn from eBay in my stash, so I got started this morning while watching the boys play video games! This was after about an hour or so of knitting and figuring out the stitch pattern:


It’s rolled up some on the end, but so far there are about 7 pattern repeats. I really like the simple cross-overs!



The yarn though – definitely teaches me to research yarns better on eBay before buying them, because while this yarn is pretty, the colors are a little more washed out than in the original picture (the second picture is more like the actual colors) and the wool itself is very scratchy, and you can see that it’s already fuzzing up like mad. Oh well, I’ve learned my eBay lesson. 🙂

Also, last weekend I made cupcakes! It was our school’s first football game of the season, and since we are now the house with the huge TV, it’s become the place for watching TV and playing videogames. And although we played pretty poorly at first and lost the game (18-24), the cupcakes were winner!




They were very tasty cupcakes, too.

To complete this post, let me show you what I won from Cat bingo in the Cat Knits group on Ravelry!

bingo prize

A cool handmade kitty pin from Endless Whimsy on Etsy, healthy cat treats, a set of two jingly balls (one of which has already been claimed by Misty), and some adorable stitchmarkers! These are the first stitchmarkers I’ve owned that haven’t been hair rubber bands, so I’m delighted with them. Thanks mitchypoo for hosting the game!

Closeup of the markers:

kitty markers


Since Trevor and I aren’t going to the home game today, much relaxing and knitting will be done! Yay!

Lack of Knittage

So this weekend has been jam-packed full of chores that were necessary, so not so much knitting. I got a little bit more done on my Razor Cami, but other than that it’s been quiet. But let me share another crafty thing that I made out of necessity!


I made this curtain with some pretty $1 fabric from Walmart, because…it’s our bathroom and the neighbors so kindly left a note that they can kind of see into the shower at night. Yeah. Pretty embarassing. In other news, we had a great surprise this week – the huge TV we found in the dumpster of a liquor store (while looking for boxes to pack up with) was fixed for much cheaper than it would have been bought, and it is now the newest highlight of the TV room! This just means that our house is the going-to now for football games at the like. I don’t mind, I enjoy having the company of people over. Check it out:


Lucky, no? Other than that, here’s a shot of Misty helping me with the Razor Cami – don’t worry, she doesn’t mind being a model at all!



I’m sitting at home in between two classes that were supposed to be 15 minutes apart, but seeing as this is the first day, the Lab class let out an hour and a half early, so I made my way back home to relax and have lunch. Might as well take this time to start with pictures, right?

Anyways, I just wanted to show off the kitten I acquired last weekend, after deciding that I wanted to adopt one from the Humane Society. She’s under 6 months, so it was a little expensive, but definitely worth it. Look how cute she is!


I’m also sending off my Ravelry Summer Camp Swap pal gift tomorrow, here’s a sneak peek! (And I forgot to take pictures of everything before it was wrapped, whoops.)

Ravelry Summer Camp swap