So I think I have another camera coming my way, due to my diligent searching of Craigslist and finally finding someone in Chicago who is selling the same exact camera but without cords, charger, or anything extra. I can deal with that, since I have all that stuff still with me, it’s not the stuff that was stolen. Best part is, a normally $300+ camera is gonna be sold to me with shipping for $120. Score! I paid for the camera and it was just shipped today, so hopefully it comes soon so I can get back to my regularly programmed posting of pictures and updates. I have a few projects that I’ve progressed upon, like the Secret of the Stole (I’m actually keeping up!) and my CPH. Until then, I’m borrowing my roommate’s camera. And look what I have to show you! 😀

I received my package from the Mystery Theme Swap! My pal LaVerna is awesome, I got lovely yarns, neat trinkets, and tasty treats. I forgot to take a picture of the sushi drawstring bag, that will have to wait until I get my replacement camera.

Inside the box was two skeins of sock yarn in beautiful colors, some cotton yarn, a package of dragonfly stationary, a little bag and lipstick holder, a tin of dragonfly magnets, some lotions, and a bunch of M&M and skittles candy! Yum.



I’m sending out her package today after a test, and I hope it gets there fast so she can enjoy all of the neat stuff that I got her. This was a fun swap and I enjoyed communicating with my partner throughout.

I’m also working on my Scarf for the Scarf Exchange on Ravelry, and I only have about 2 feet to go. Yay progress!


6 responses to “Filler

  1. Is this the post for the Fall Y’all giveaway? I couldn’t find it with the link you left.

  2. Confessions of a Fashionista

    Oh I’d love to win that, I’m a crocheter ^^

  3. where’s the link for the floggy giveaway?

  4. I can’t find your giveaway! I’d love to win skeins of yarn or somesuch for my knitting aunt. Or did someone enter you as a participant in the Fall Ya’ll giveaway unbeknownst to you? If so, you can ask to be deleted.

    You were #603.

  5. Beautiful, really beautiful!

  6. I’m glad you found a camera!

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