Waviness and bullets!

Look what I started yesterday!


It’s Wavy from Knitty, done in some Caron Simply Soft that I’m trying to get rid of in my stash. So far so good, the yarn is a pretty color and the pattern is simple enough. I like how it’s turning out!

Also, lots of mail came for me this weekend! 😀 Shame on me, spending my financial aid monies like this…


This is the yarn I’ll be using for Secret of the Shawl, along with the beads that also came in the mail from Artbeads.com. The yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr lace weight, and this will be my first project using charts and knitting with lace weight. Hope I don’t get too confused with the charts… Anyways, I also received a ball winder, and I felt like showing off my first cake of yarn. Don’t laugh, I’m pleased with my new toy! It’s that wool eBay yarn that I’m using for my dreamswatch.


Also interesting! Today the boy and I set out to start the task of cleaning up the backyard, since it was pretty overgrown with weeds and leafy since we moved in. We got all the leaves raked up and hope to finish the raking and planting some grass seeds since it’s mostly just dirt and weeds now. While we were cleaning, two interesting things were found: First this really neat flower was discovered by Trevor –

red flower

I have no idea what kind of flower it is, any guesses? Also, a strange find for a backyard:


Do those look suspiciously like bullets to you? That’s what I thought and picked one up, and turns out, I found 8 bullets in a little corner of the backyard! It’s really weird because they’re not spend or anything, just laying there. Kinda makes me wonder who were the previous tenants of the house, but at the same time, I don’t want to know!


4 responses to “Waviness and bullets!

  1. nauticalknitter

    I can’t wait to see the stole knit up in that color. Great choice!!
    Nautical Knitter

  2. Beautiful yarn.
    That is a very strange thing to find in the back yard.

    My youngest was very excited when he dug up a skeleton key.

  3. The wavy is neat. I know that flower, but darn it if I can’t think of the name!

  4. We just found the same flower in my back yard its all by itself its so wierd

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