Look how far I’ve gotten on my Razor Cami!



All that’s left are the straps, and those shouldn’t take too long at all.

Also, check out my catch from a post on Destash:

berocco touche

8 whole skeins of Berocco Touche for only about $30, including shipping! I think this will be used for at least 2 Baby Surprise Jackets I plan on making for two mothers expecting in January, about two weeks apart. They both already have kids in the daycare that I work at, and I’ve talked to them enough that I know both would appreciate the gesture of the jackets. Right about when Florida gets chilly, too!

Right now I’m waiting on a couple packages, including a ballwinder and enough Ella Rae worsted yarn (also about 8 skeins for $33 including shipping, yay Webs!) to make my Central Park Hoodie. If anyone has the pattern that they want to donate to me or sell, I’d be very glad to have it!

I’ll leave you with one more shot of my Berocco Touche. Enjoy!



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  1. You will be done in no time. It looks great . Can’t wait to see the jackets.

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