New project!

I was getting tired of the only two projects that I have on the needles right now, so I wanted something that was a bit more “instant gratification”. I’ve been eyeing the Dreamswatch Headband for a while now, and have some pretty hand-dyed yarn from eBay in my stash, so I got started this morning while watching the boys play video games! This was after about an hour or so of knitting and figuring out the stitch pattern:


It’s rolled up some on the end, but so far there are about 7 pattern repeats. I really like the simple cross-overs!



The yarn though – definitely teaches me to research yarns better on eBay before buying them, because while this yarn is pretty, the colors are a little more washed out than in the original picture (the second picture is more like the actual colors) and the wool itself is very scratchy, and you can see that it’s already fuzzing up like mad. Oh well, I’ve learned my eBay lesson. 🙂

Also, last weekend I made cupcakes! It was our school’s first football game of the season, and since we are now the house with the huge TV, it’s become the place for watching TV and playing videogames. And although we played pretty poorly at first and lost the game (18-24), the cupcakes were winner!




They were very tasty cupcakes, too.

To complete this post, let me show you what I won from Cat bingo in the Cat Knits group on Ravelry!

bingo prize

A cool handmade kitty pin from Endless Whimsy on Etsy, healthy cat treats, a set of two jingly balls (one of which has already been claimed by Misty), and some adorable stitchmarkers! These are the first stitchmarkers I’ve owned that haven’t been hair rubber bands, so I’m delighted with them. Thanks mitchypoo for hosting the game!

Closeup of the markers:

kitty markers


Since Trevor and I aren’t going to the home game today, much relaxing and knitting will be done! Yay!


4 responses to “New project!

  1. The cupcakes are great.
    I want to be on Ravelry soooo bad.
    Love the little cat stitch markers.

  2. Oh, I’m so happy you like it! And um…I want a CUPCAKE!


  3. Those cat stitch markers are beyond cute – and I am not a cat person! Too bad about the e-bay yarn. It looks very nice on the monitor

  4. Ha! There’s my pin, boy it’s a small world!!!

    Ravelry sounds really cool and mitchy poo was really great at finding prizes!

    Renovia from Endless Whimsy

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