Okay, so project Gir is being abandoned for now.

gir abandonment


I just tried to finish him after about 3 months of hibernation, and I’m just not feeling the vibes anymore. Originally, he was going to be a gift to a high school friend who absolutely loves Invader Zim, but I think I also messed up on the first leg and there’s no way to get stuffing in there! The friend’s birthday is in November, so I still have time to either restart and use my learning to make Gir number 2 better, or I think up something else that will be loved as much. Oh well.

Pattern Details:

Yarn:  Caron Simply Soft and Lion Brand Woolease, both under one ball each.
Pattern:  Knit Robot by johnny’s stew.
Comments:  The blue block in the middle was my first try at intarsia, only about 2 weeks after I first started knitting again! I think I did pretty well, no huge gaps in the fabric or anything.
Final Result: ABANDONED!


3 responses to “Grr

  1. Hey there!
    I am done at my LYS because a) my boss was the MEANEST/RUDEST/CRAZIEST knitter who ever lived… like seriously… yelling at me for being too nice to customers. So it made the whole going to work experience absolutely awful.
    Also, I’m back to being a student again!

  2. Put Gir in time out again and start something new. Later Gir might be more interesting.
    Thank you for visiting the Skein.

  3. Too bad about this guy. He is really cute. My first stuffie was Kate
    and she was horrible! But I gave her to my 2yr old niece and Kate is loved everyday. Ok is in the eye of the beholder.

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