Lack of Knittage

So this weekend has been jam-packed full of chores that were necessary, so not so much knitting. I got a little bit more done on my Razor Cami, but other than that it’s been quiet. But let me share another crafty thing that I made out of necessity!


I made this curtain with some pretty $1 fabric from Walmart, because…it’s our bathroom and the neighbors so kindly left a note that they can kind of see into the shower at night. Yeah. Pretty embarassing. In other news, we had a great surprise this week – the huge TV we found in the dumpster of a liquor store (while looking for boxes to pack up with) was fixed for much cheaper than it would have been bought, and it is now the newest highlight of the TV room! This just means that our house is the going-to now for football games at the like. I don’t mind, I enjoy having the company of people over. Check it out:


Lucky, no? Other than that, here’s a shot of Misty helping me with the Razor Cami – don’t worry, she doesn’t mind being a model at all!



2 responses to “Lack of Knittage

  1. Hello! Saw your post at knitty and had to come say hello and welcome. 🙂 The curtains are fab, the knitting lovely, the cat adorable, and your vertical labret looks awesome.

    I can’t believe you found that tv in the trash and it was fixable. Too cool. 🙂

  2. Oh and I just switched to using this layout (cutline)for my podcast, isn’t it great!

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