Summer Knits

Okay, so here’s just a quick post of the projects I enjoyed knitting this summer.

julesy’s Anthropologie Capelet, made with JoAnn Sensations Dulcetto yarn.


It still needs a proper clasp and I’m searching for that.

Next up is Knitty’s Coronet, knit using Caron Simply Soft. My first attempt at cabling, and when I realized knitting combined in the round doesn’t work!


And finally, my first pair of socks EVAR: Knitty’s Thuja in Patons Classic Merino. I chose this pattern and yarn because I wanted something simple (but not all stocking stitch), and to use what limited yarn I had in my stash. So a quick ravelry search for worsted socks with a high rating yielded this pattern, and Voila! My first pair of socks.


These were also knitted with my friend Carol, the only friend I have in person who also knits avidly. We sat down one Saturday and knit almost the entire first sock, that’s how determined we were to learn how to knit a sock. It’s a tiny bit small, but that’s okay.



3 responses to “Summer Knits

  1. Those thuja socks are the BEST first sock project evah! Nice job, they look great. I think I did 3 pairs of thuja’s before I branched out to try something else!

  2. Your first socks look great! Can’t wait to see what clasp you find for your capelet 🙂

  3. Well done of the socks. Those are a lovely pair. I also love the capelet.

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