I’m sitting at home in between two classes that were supposed to be 15 minutes apart, but seeing as this is the first day, the Lab class let out an hour and a half early, so I made my way back home to relax and have lunch. Might as well take this time to start with pictures, right?

Anyways, I just wanted to show off the kitten I acquired last weekend, after deciding that I wanted to adopt one from the Humane Society. She’s under 6 months, so it was a little expensive, but definitely worth it. Look how cute she is!


I’m also sending off my Ravelry Summer Camp Swap pal gift tomorrow, here’s a sneak peek! (And I forgot to take pictures of everything before it was wrapped, whoops.)

Ravelry Summer Camp swap


One response to “Introductions

  1. She’s a beauty!

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